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Saturday, August 31, 2002

So, everyone asks me why my blogger is called "Fire of My Loins" and why the address is . Well, these two references (read: not OBSCURE ) are from the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I've been thinking a lot about Los Angeles lately, both as a physical and as a metaphorical entity. Have you ever heard the song L.A. by Teddy Thompson? If you decide to jump on Kazaa and grab it now, let me know if you agree with it or not... Someone across the street is having a party and there's loud-festive accordion Mexican music pumping through my house. My parents are a little bit annoyed since they're trying to watch the set, but hey, I'm enjoying the beat. It reminds me of the swap meet in Paramount that I went to today to pick up a dashboard cover with my little brother. Speaking of swap meets, don't you hate it when they think you don't speak/understand Spanish and the guys start talking about how much it costs normally and how much they're gonna rip you off by and you throw it back in their face and they say "ya no se, ya no se" .. Alrite.. I'm out for the night.

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