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Sunday, November 03, 2002

There are so many words we come across in our everyday reading that we don't know the meaning to. What do I usually do? I usually try to decipher the meaning through the context in which it is used or try to figure out the root. When all else fails, I turn to my good ol' dictionary (2 part Britannica, free from Friends of Berkeley Public Library). This week, I will look up every word I don't know and post it in this blogpost. If you find the words I do not know simple, then I must be condemned as a simpleton, for that is all I am.

Main Entry: anad·ro·mous
Pronunciation: &-'na-dr&-m&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Greek anadromos running upward, from anadramein to run upward, from ana- + dramein to run -- more at DROMEDARY
Date: circa 1753
: ascending rivers from the sea for breeding -- compare CATADROMOUS

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