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Sunday, March 02, 2003

From henceforth, my social life will be called "Socialzilla".

Socialzilla Log - House Party - Matt Singer's Place

I've totally forgotten how much fun house parties can be since I haven't hit up many these last two or so years. Thank you Lewis for taking me along! Anyhow, it was really weird because I thought I didn't know the host of the party but when he saw me, he knew me. It turns out we had a class together with the same crazy GSI!

Also, I managed to use my awesome John Edward-esque abilities to correctly guess where a random girl was going to be tomorrow night and also her friends and which clubs she belonged to. Oh yeah, time for me to have my own "Crossing Over". It was a Mardi Gras like party with beads and masks and all but It definitely lacked the flashing and wild wet t-shirt contests. Two hot white girls agreed to flash if two of us guys agreed to tongue. We thought it over and didn't take up the offer.

Anyway, I've probably said too much already. Socialzilla out.

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