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Sunday, May 18, 2003

current reading: Jarhead, by Anthony Swofford

Places where I have laughed out loud.

from pg. 78-79

The reservists were also at the hall, and some tension started between us when their sergeant approached Atticus and questioned the validity of his ribbons.

"You look too young to have a Combat Action Ribbon, Lance Corporal. My bet is you were in boot camp during Saudi. You know that's a punishable offense, wearing ribbons you don't rate?"

Atticus said, "Get the fuck off my CAR, man. I don't see any war on your chest. You were sucking dick over at the reserve center while I was ass out of luck in the Desert."

"I'll look you up at headquarters, marine, and I don't care if you're active duty, I'm a sergeant and you're a nonrate. You show me respect."

"I'll respect my fist up your ass."

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